Alicia Mary Smith (Andara Shekina)
Awakening Hearts to Divine Truth and Love
Energy Transmissions/Activations                2014 - Year of SELF LOVE

Is your Life in
I can help You, help Yourself!

Personal Soul Coaching & Energy Transmissions
to Awaken Your Heart & Soul
to Accelerate Your Evolution

These Unique Healing/ Energy Sessions will begin by arranging an initial Call/Skype, to see 'what You wish to Focus upon' and for me to 'Give You more Insight!'  We shall then create a specific Soul Coaching Session, Transmission and/or Program, specifically suited to YOU!

WORLDWIDE: This is possible from wherever you are in the world, as well as in person. The 'Transmission' Vibrational Energy will flow through remotely, awaiting your committed Reception.

These Private Sessions are Designed for Your Personal Development and Growth; to Awaken and Illuminate the True Desires of Your Heart and Soul.
Open Yourself to a New Journey of Discovery and Adventure! Awaken to more Joyful Peace & Loving Truth.
It's Time to Be FREE, to Be Your TRUE Self, NOW!

Please call or email
for mor
e details and to schedule an initial
15 minute FREE Session

Supportive Donation $55.00

Breath of Life
Take time to be conscious of your breath. Breathe with the vastness of the Universe, with the Heart of Mother Earth. Your conscious breath will keep you Centered and Grounded; it assists you to access your own inner wisdom and is your key to awakening higher realms of awareness and accelerated evolution. Your Breath is like your Best Friend - Always there to Support You!

Bring your inner world into Wholeness and You Shall Create this Reality in your outer world! 

"You Are Making A Difference in Your Own BEing - You are the Alpha and the Omega. the Beginning and the End, the First and the Last!"
Maria Magdalena

The Energetic Alchemy of these Transmissions is KEY to AWAKENING Codes of Timeless Wisdom and Ancient Mysteries deep within Your Soul. Now is the Time to step into your Full Power and Potential of Who You are Born To Be at this Amazing time of Acceleration


Quantum Light Field Activations
Powerfully Deep Energy and Healing Transmissions, to Release and Clear All that no longer serves your Accelerated Evolution, the Opening of your Heart to Divine Love and your Personal Growth to Live in Absolute Truth. Crystalline Frequencies that raise Your Ability to Step into Your True, Free, Joyful Self!

'Awakening Heart Activations'

Connecting to the 13 New Moons of 2014, with a specific Focus for each. One Energy Building Upon another..
(for Past Transmissions - Scroll Down...)

I am Guided to Share these Energetic Healing Transmissions/Activations, as the New/Dark Moon is beginning to Grow. Numerologically, I am ’told’ that each Activation, for the first five New Moons are to be on a Numerological '13/4' Day, to Create a substantial Foundation for Truly Allowing Your Heart to Flow with Your own Loving Truth! Yes, this could be quite an Emotional Journey and Yes, this is the Way to further Release Deep Unconscious energies, to Allow more Joy, Love and Peace into Your Life!

Additional Activation for the Easter/Passover Energies
Birthing aNew - Resurrect the True You
Noon-Friday, 18 April to Noon-Monday, 21 April
(at a time of your choosing, in your time zone)

Billions of Souls across the world will be focused upon Ceremonies and Rituals of Death and Resurrection.
RELEASING Paradigms of Old, Limiting Beliefs
CLEARING the way to make New Expansive Choices
ACTIVATING a Higher Frequency of Loving Truth
ACCELERATING your Crystalline Matrix of Purity

This Activation is for YOU Personally! With our Hands and our Hearts, we Can Change ourselves, We Can Change the World. We have a Choice at this Potent Time of Accelerated Awareness, to BeCome the Chalice of New Possibility, of Unlimited Opportunity. It Begins from Resurrecting your True Heart and Soul, by Re-Creating your Perspective and Awakening a Vaster Reality.
YOU Are Making the Choices to Change!
(Begin from within!) Respond to your Ability to Be the Powerful Soul You Are!

To Register and for more Information:


The first of four 'Blood' Full Moons, over the next two years. (each one aligned with the major Jewish Celebrations of Passover and Sukhot in 2014 and 2015)
* The first of two total Lunar Eclipses in 2014 (14-15 April)
* Easter Week / Santa Semana (13-20 April)
(Unusually the same for all Christian and Orthodox faiths)
* Jewish Passover (14-22 April)
(again, unusual that it falls at the same time as Easter)
* Uranus Square Pluto (21 April) (deep 'wake-up' energy)
* Earth Day World Focus (22 April)
* Cardinal Cross - 22 to 23 April (Four FIRE signs!)
Solar Eclipse with the New/Dark Moon (29 April)
* Beltane - Fire Celebration of Sacred Union
(30 April - 1st May)
* Wesak Full Moon in Taurus (14 May)

'Awakening Heart Activation'
Anytime from: Sunset, 30 April  to Sunset, 1 May
Focus: 'Sacred Union' (1/5/2014+13/4)

Aligned with the Festival of BELTANE
Preparing for the Sacred WESAK Full Moon (14 May)

More Details Soon

To Participate on a Personal level
Please Email me:
with Full Name, Date of Birth, Location, Photo and
a Committed Time
(your own time zone)

After Receiving your Email, I shall send you further information. If you have any questions, or unsure of anything, send me an email and/or we can arrange a
Private Skype/Phone Call

I lovingly Share these Activations, wishing them to be for All
If you are able to Support me in this Lightwork the

Wishing You Abundant Blessings for this
New Year of 'AWAKENING SELF-LOVE' - 2014 


All Past Activations are Available Anytime, to Anyone!

* Clearing Old Issues - Releasing the Past
 * Allowing Your Emotions to Flow
 * Balance Physical, Mental, Emotional & Spiritual Bodies
* Connecting to Your True Self, Communicating to Creator
* Strengthening Your Core Energy, to Self, to Divinity
* Deepening a Sense of Inner Peace and Calm

'The Power of Intent'

NB: Audio Meditation Available and Transformative Video

Conscious Awareness of All that You Create in Life. Listening to the Truth in Your Heart and Soul

'Birthing aNEW'
Video Introduction - Click Here
New Cycle is Beginning - Follow Own Heart Beat

‘Trusting The Way’
* Having Faith that All is Well
(You are a Mystic! Choosing to be an OptiMystic Soul)
*Feeling YourSelf taken care of (enhancing your Divine Connection and Being more Centered and Grounded)
*Trusting that your Heart and Soul are ‘on track’!


Solstice ‘Stillness’ Activation
Stillness in the Storm  - Calmness from Chaos


'Awakening Heart of Abundance'

Focus: I Am BeComing, Blossoming and Abundantly Loving
Aligning with: the Gratitude of Thanks-Giving, For-Giving, Sharing, Living, with More Abundant Love & Joy in Your Life!
Preparing for: the many Celebrations of Light, in December

Focus: Inner and Outer Stability, Balance & Harmony
* Inner Balance ~ Outer Harmony (Physical Body)
* Inner Peace ~ Outer Radiance (Mental Body)
* Stillness within Movement (Emotional Body)
* Silence within Sound (Spiritual Body)

This Sacred Portal of Spiraling Energy at the Equinox,
is a Doorway to Conscious Evolution and Balanced Alignment

With all the vast changes occurring during these rapidly Transformative times, Opening to Receive the Abundant Flow of this Universe is Key to Manifesting a New Reality

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