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I'm here to help Open Doors for us All to live in Truth and Love! 
Open you Heart -
Be True to You!
 Now it is time to Rise and Shine


for your H E A R T and  S O U L
Also, specifically for your
H E A L T H  and  V I T A L I T Y

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1st September - 3rd October

Daily Email and Audio, Weekly Video and Personal Support
28 Days Soul Coaching Program
5 Quantum Light Field Activations

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For those who want to know
 Who Am I ? * Why Am I here ?
* What is my Mission & Purpose ?


I offer my services Freely.
As this is my only form of income, I am grateful for all
Supportive Donations - Thank You!

"In powerful and mysterious ways, the effects of this program will manifest in your life for years to come" 
Denise Linn
- Creator: 'Soul Coaching'TM

This Soul Coaching Program is a powerful program that anyone can do. It is a process that takes you to your spiritual source and helps you find meaning and sacredness in your everyday life. It allows you to take an honest look at yourself and life, face fear, release old negative patterns, get motivated, and step boldly and joyfully into your future.

"The 33 day Soul Coaching program with Alicia is a life transforming process. Her ability to hold the space for a group is unprecedented and she always knows just what you need and when you need it to help you on your way!"  Tina Winning

Quantum Light Field Activations Clear, Strengthen, Balance and Activate your Energy Field and Core Essence. Align to a Higher Vibration, Accelerate your Evolution and Live in the Power of Now!

4 Private Sessions (Phone/Skype)
4 Remote Energy Transmissions

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Healing Energy Transmissions

Harmonic Vibrational Energy to Release the old and step fully into the New! Awaken your Power, your Purpose and your true Potential! 

Soul Coaching / Soul Journeys

Individual Programs and sessions Aligned to the Truth and Wisdom in your own Unique Heart and Soul! Creating Clarity on your Life Path. 

Ancestral Patterns & Dream Work

Healing and Releasing the Past, Awakening your Gifts and Wisdom. Decoding messages from your Dreams, to fully align with your Soul's 'Calling' & Purpose NOW!

'I have never felt more Alive, Connected, Powerful & Blessed, than after Alicia's Wonderful Retreat!’ Sophia (Denmark)

"Alicia's beautiful starry energy is infectious and a wonder to experience as she weaves love, light, magic and joy into all her endeavors.

Her presence in itself is a catalyst for healing and change, and like a butterfly between realms she opens people to a new found freedom of heart and a more real and loving experience of themselves" Aine Belton (UK) ''

Internationally renowned Multi-Dimensional Facilitator, Alicia Mary is a Visionary Teacher and Vibrational Healer, Evolutionary Soul Coach and Energy Alchemist. A Joyous Heart Opener and budding Filmmaker, Photographer and Writer

with each growing New Moon, of 2014
Focus: Sacred Soul Sound 
(Free your Voice and True Sounds)

29th - 31st  JULY 

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Full MOON Transmission
C l e a r i n g   C l u t t e r
(from within Self and in your Environment)
9th - 11th of August
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I offer my services Freely.
As this is my only form of income, I am grateful for all
Supportive Donations - Thank You!

More Details of Past Activations

"Alicia creates such loving and sacred journeys that truly honor the Soul. During her journeys your Soul will become more aligned and connected with the Divine on profound levels. It is one of the most transformational experiences!"
Char Jung.

Each Session Personalised for YOU
I can work with you Individually, as a couple, a Family or as a Group.

Private Sessions - ongoing
Are You Ready to Let Go of the Old, Release Fear, Embrace Trust and Step into the Power of Who You are Born to Be?
* Each Session can be conducted in person, remotely and over the Phone/Skype.
* Sessions are specifically aligned to your personal needs and wishes.
* They are available to everyone, no matter what your path in life


Email or Call, to Know How I may Support you on your Life Journey
Tel: +1.530.918.4988
Skype: 'aliciamary'

Connect with me on
Alicia Mary Smith (
Andara Shekina)
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